In the realm of English language teaching (ELT), the cultivation of Critical Thinking (CT) skills has gained significant recognition as a vital 21st Century Skill. However, when it comes to young learners, the development of critical thinking often receives insufficient attention in ELT coursebooks and approaches.

By integrating critical thinking instruction into the English learning curriculum for young learners, educators play a crucial role in their intellectual and cognitive development. Cultivating critical thinking skills from an early age empowers young learners to become active, discerning, and adaptable individuals. Through a combination of pedagogical approaches, suitable assessment methods, and thoughtful integration of online collaboration tools, educators can create an environment that nurtures critical thinking abilities in young English language learners, equipping them with the essential skills for success in the 21st century.

English AcadeMe Junior is the resource for teaching English to young learners. This movie-based digital course is filled with strategies to promote the development of critical thinking in young learners. By guiding them to discover the world through the magic of their favorite stories, English AcadeMe Junior helps learners expand their knowledge about the most diverse topics in a fun, collaborative, and meaningful way. The activities in English AcadeMe Junior go beyond language and foster the development of cognitive abilities through authentic storytelling, including integrative assessment moments with exciting projects and suggestions for highly effective classroom dynamics.