Language Learning Programs

Age 3-12

Brain Bees™ Mandarin is a program customized to coach young children to learn Mandarin enjoyably and master early reading skills through multimedia flash cards system and fun activities.

Age 4-12+

In the realm of English language teaching (ELT), the cultivation of Critical Thinking (CT) skills has gained significant recognition as a vital 21st Century Skill. However, when it comes to young learners, the development of critical thinking often receives insufficient attention in ELT coursebooks and approaches.

Age 7-17+

English Central serves as your personal English teacher.
You will enjoy learning English with 20K video lessons and live tutors.

Age 17 and up

Intelliwriter is a complete writing solution, used by millions of students internationally to improve their writing.

Age 13 and up

Lanquill has given the best possible English learning experience to universities, corporations, colleges, individuals.

Age 13+

Learn Social is a unique and innovative way to learn English online.
The Learn Social platform integrates everyday communication tools and peer review into your English courses.

Age 3-12+

Learning A-Z provides Pre-K-6 education solutions that inspire curiosity, ensure comprehension, and instil the joy of learning for all students.

Age 13-17+

Language learning is a fairly personal process—everyone naturally learns some words or topics easier than others, therefore a class is not enough to address each student’s personal needs as well or in a timely fashion.

Age 4-12+

mangoSTEEMS Universe is an online learning platform for children at age 4-10 to learn and practice English in an engaged and motivated way.

Age 13-18

My Access!® develops millions of proficient writers through two patented assessment and instructional technologies.

Age 13-18

My Study Works is an all-in-one tool for every stage of academic writing.

Age 4-12+

Nahla wa Nahil is a scientifically designed e literacy platform to improve outcomes and promote excellence in Arabic learning for K-9 students.

Age 3-12

Ziptales is an online literacy library filled with stories, lessons, and fun activities. It offers teaching and learning tools for students and teachers at all levels of the elementary school.