17 and up

Intelliwriter is a complete writing solution, used by millions of students internationally to improve their writing. They report an average improvement in student writing of a full latter grade in a single term.

IntelliWriter provides students with in-text revision directives aligned with extant academic standards of grammar, mechanics, and style.

Writing instruction is delivered across a wide variety of subjects. Whether a student is a Nursing or Humanities major, IntelliWriter provides the guidance needed for virtually any writing assignment.

Intelliwriter provides immediate grammar, mechanics, and stylistic feedback. The AI feedback is aligned to the domain of writing. Plagiarism detection can be embedded in Intelliwriter to ensure originality and authenticity of the writing.

IntelliWriter analyzes student writing data via its companion technology, WriteVue, enabling administrators to monitor student writing data at scale with the ability to filter by department, course, or student.