3-12 and up

Science A-Z is an award-winning product that provides comprehensive science units containing an extensive collection of multilevel texts, engaging lessons, and hands-on science experiments for kids. The product blends the core ideas and practices of science with reading instruction to allow seamless integration of science and literacy into daily curriculum. Reading resources are offered at three developmental levels (low, mid, high) within each grade range (K-2, 3-4, 5-6).

Science A-Z offers a wealth of printable and projectable multilevel books, shorter texts, activity sheets, and supporting resources that develop students’ reading skills, academic vocabulary, and scientific literacy. Students can also access their reading materials online through the interactive Kids A-Z eLearning environment.

Science A-Z also provides a number of engaging activities, guided experiments, and open-ended projects designed to put core science concepts into practice. Each hands-on learning opportunity develops students’ scientific understanding, key science practices, and important 21st century skills while using everyday materials.