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Choices of foreign languages to learn
English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portugese

Language learning is a fairly personal process—everyone naturally learns some words or topics easier than others, therefore a class is not enough to address each student’s personal needs as well or in a timely fashion. Language is something that needs to be processed, not memorized. TV shows, movies, newspaper and magazines are good supplements to involve actual human and social experiences tied to our memory.

Lingua Attack is a multi-platform solution to the problems most frequently encountered in learning a foreign language. The use of authentic materials in language learning is strongly recommended by the European Union. Lingua Attack features thousands of exercises based on authentic videos (scenes from films and television series, music videos, news clips, and more) for immersion learning that is not only linguistic, but cultural as well. New units are published every week, constituting a constant stream of fresh content continuously added to the learning unit catalogues.

Lingua Attack is a fully globalized platform. A learner can choose his or her user interface language for the 26 language options that an organization can set the user interface language to be the same as the learning language. The platform’s translation functionalities are available for all of the same languages.